A LITTLE BIT ABOUT MARIE KUSHNER of “Marie's Kitchen in the Heart of Naples”

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Culinary art has been a hobby of mine for many years. When my engineering job was unexpectedly eliminated, I knew right away that I wanted to pursue a second career in doing what I love most: making delicious, healthy meals for individuals and families as an alternative to fast food.  Providing this convenience would allow busy families to once again sit together at dinnertime and discuss their day*. My goal is to encourage this by eliminating the stress of worrying about shopping for and making that next meal. You may ask yourself; “Do I need to stop at the grocery store on my way home from work?  What will I make for dinner that will fit in with after school activities and homework? How much clean up will I have tonight? “

Preparing for weekend getaways can be just as complicated and stressful. You rush home from work, pack up the kids, bags, food and dogs, then try to beat the traffic. Our son would be hungry by the time we hit the turnpike and restaurants may or may not have been open. Sometimes friends would join us for a long weekend (endless friends in the summer when you live on a lake). I spent an enormous amount of precious time planning menus, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up, over and over again.  With Marie’s Kitchen, you can rid yourself of these burdens. I am happy to stock your refrigerator in advance with delicious, wholesome meals or pack a cooler for you to grab at my curbside or dock. Sound nice?


Marie’s Kitchen focuses on clean eating. Clean eating is about eating foods that are at their natural state or minimally processed and handled.  It is not a diet but an eating lifestyle. To ensure this quality, every attempt is made to purchase locally:

  • Meats from a local slaughter house which contain no chemicals, such as the carbon monoxide, used to keep meat red and found in 70% of grocery stores
  • All natural poultry, containing no antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Local produce when available
  • North Atlantic Seafood (Salmon with no antibiotic or food pellets containing dye  

In Marie’s Kitchen, meals are made from scratch, providing the quality and flexibility to accommodate your needs.
Do you have a craving for something that is not on the menu such as chicken picante, beef wellington, duck casserole with chestnuts & wild mushrooms or turkey meatballs with spaghetti???

If so, call Marie’s Kitchen in advance, and I will be make every effort to accommodate you. My menu is only a sample of possibilities. I do not consider myself a restaurant or takeout, but rather, your personal chef.

One final note, I haven’t forgotten about your children! Smaller portions of my wholesome, nutritious meals are available, as well as some “kid” favorites, such as organic PBJs.  Check out my “Children’s Lunch Bag” on my menu for selections.

A recent survey conducted by Eckrich(R), a product of ConAgra Foods, found that 40 percent of American families eat dinner together only three or fewer times a week, with 10 percent never eating dinner together at all.

I am a Mainer who has been most fortunate to live a fulfilling life as mother, wife and professional engineer, spending many years traveling AND eating, around the globe. My husband and I purchased our home here, now known as “Marie’s Kitchen in the Heart of Naples”, as a second home in 2004 because of our love of the area and the desire to be close to family.